Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Hat + Higab: Why can't we make it work?

We made higab + makeup work
and higab + earings work
and higab + tights work
and higab + boyfriend work

Hat + Higab = harmless, protects from harsh sunlight and most likely halal.. Where are those higab tutorial ladies at? They can make anything happen.

Dua - Supplication

Start with the 99 names of Allah
Etiquette for making dua:

O Allah! You have taught and instilled the teachings of the Quran in our minds and our hearts before we were old enough to learn it. Make us one of those who give the Quran its full right and read it with precision and accuracy. Guide us to memorize, learn and teach the lessons of its Aayat. O Allah! Make the Quran blaze our path to guidance and to your jannah and make it our saviour and protector in times of need and on the day of judgement. Make its Aayat brighten us from within your creations, and make it what helps us pass your sirat. We ask that you not blind us from its teachings and make them come with ease inshallah. Ya Allah make us strong enough to never have satisfaction with any replacement.

Ya Allah! We call upon you, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful, to not let any sins not be erased,  any tension to not be released and do not allow for anything we owe to never be returned and for any sick to not be cured. Ya Allah! Do not allow any desire you approve and of which we have a benefit to, never come to us ya Allah ya raheem. You are the most merciful indeed.

O Allah! You are the one who saves whoever needs to be saved. The one not seen by eyes, not described by any thought, not changing by any event. O Allah, all praise to you for what you have made us, blessed us and guided us and saved us. We thank you for the blessing of Islam and the Quraan and for family, wealth and forgiveness. You are the one who purifies the hearts and mends souls together in heaven subhanAllah.

O Allah! You are who we thank for every blessing you have bestowed upon us in the past or future, in secret or public, in death or life.  All praise to you until you are satisfied and when you are satisfied.

O Allah! Protect us with our Islam in all circumstances and situations. Do not bestow upon us any enemy who may take pleasure from our misery and protect us from any evil eye which may be lurking.

O Allah! Reward us with what you have blessed your creations with in sight, hearing and strength. Do not make our deen our biggest fault. Do not make this short life our biggest concern and we take refuge in you from any evil that shows no mercy on us. O Allah! Let us avoid all sins visible and hidden and bless our hearts, parents, spouses, family and brothers and sisters in Islam and erase all our sins ya rab elalameen.

O Allah! Protect us from the day of fear (day of judgement). We take refuge in you from all the evil you have given us the potential to use and all the evil you have hidden from us.

O Allah! Enlighten our hearts with Iman and place love in our hearts for this Islam and put hate in our hearts for any evil deed and disobedience. Gather us on the day of judgement with the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) and all of his companions. And bless us with shafa’a from the Rasool (pbuh).

O Allah! We ask that you instil fear in our hearts for disobeying you in secret or public and we ask for the word of truth in times of satisfaction and anger and the intent to satisfy you with what you have bestowed upon us in wealth and deprivation. We ask for blessings that never run out and for families that never part and for the desire to meet you in the heavens ya Arham el Rahimeen.

O Allah! I witness that there is no Allah but Allah, and that Mohammed (Peace be upon him) is his prophet. Do not make of us a source of pleasure to the devils.  Do not make us from the ones who are bribed by this life, to feel great regret in the hereafter.

O Allah! Release our innocent from the jails, feed our hungry, clothe our bare, have mercy on our dead and accept our martyrs in Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and anywhere else in this universe.
O Allah! Guide our young to the best of akhlaq (virtues). You are the All Knowing and Most Powerful ya Arham el Rahimeen.

Ameen Ameen Ameen Ya Rabal Alameen

May the blessings of Allaah be bestowed upon the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

و صلي اللهم على محمد صلى الله عليه و سلم تسليما كثيرا
 The Ego is the toughest tests of God