Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Pity Party

I will not accept the invite
to your self-proclaimed pity party.

I do not need a moment of silence
and your questionable facial display
to prove just how much
you feel sorry for me.

How do you think I feel
when you scrunch your face 
and say, 
I'm so sorry."

No one wants your apology
and no one wants your privileged advice.

You think I hate myself 
for what has happened to me?

I accept all my flaws
while you cannot fathom
someone living like me
without wishing I was like the rest
No one wants your "accommodation"
No one wants your "special treatment"
My acceptance is not a sad coping style.
My acceptance is my scars on display
My acceptance is my strength.

Although, in some ways 
I do wish I was like the rest
I wish I wasn't invited to your pity parties
I wish you could see past the superficial
and I'm so sorry that you're so sorry.

I'm sorry you think that God 
choosing me to be like this
is a sad punishment.
I'm sorry that people like me 
make you feel uncomfortable.

So thanks but no thanks, 
I don't need the invite to your pity party
because if you haven't noticed,
I'm too busy doing a million other things that define me.