Sunday, 13 April 2014

9 Signs You Have Trust in Allah

     I'm not going to lie, this one was pretty tough to write. Trust in Allah takes a lot of iman and taqwa. We have become so familiar with the concept of having control that we just can't stand relinquishing it for something or someone else. Often, our whole lives are just a big attempt at taking control of our situations and we seek a comfort in knowing that we've got it going good. How can one be fully trusting of Allah's decree? The prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) told us that we must take whatever actions needed towards our desired goal while leaving the unknown to Allah (swt). But how many of us truly believe that if we let things go, they would turn up in our favor? The prophet's companions used to enter battles where their chances for victory on paper would have been slim to none. But they had trust in Allah and trust that this was a deed for Him and Him only, and this is what ultimately made them victorious. 

Here are my 10 signs that you may have true trust in Allah (swt):

1. You don't expect your plans to play out perfectly:

   You take plans seriously but leave some flexibility for the unexpected. You easily embrace change and take comfort in knowing that things don't have to turn out "perfectly" as planned.

2. You believe uncertainty is inevitable:
   Some things in life don't have clear and direct solutions and you are okay with that. You think it is an inevitable part of life to not know things. Uncertainty is Allah asserting his presence in your life and you respect that this is His expertise.

3. You take serious risks: 

   You are not usually fearful of matters that most people fear. Fear is usually nurtured by uncertainty and when you've accepted uncertainty, then you've laid trust in Allah. You know that He is the One to record your risks as valid efforts that deserve good deeds and recognition on the day of judgement, regardless of the outcome. I would assume this applies to risks that are taken for the sake of Allah.

4. You do not dwell on matters beyond your control:

    When your expectations are not met, you quickly choose to remember Allah and say alhamdoulillah. Even if you were initially disappointed, it doesn't take you very long to reinstate your trust in Allah and get back to your daily routine. You are not the type to ask "what if?" and "why?" too much.

5. You don't need closure to get closure:

   Your ultimate source of closure is Allah. You don't need that phone call or some magical signs to show you that you made the right choice. 

6. You truly believe that Allah will never let you down: 

  You think Allah has your best interests at heart and that even the tribulations can be sources of happiness because they remind you that He thinks of you highly enough and knows that you can handle them.

7. You believe Allah judges you fairly:

  We tend to trust people who we believe will not judge us harshly. You truly believe that Allah sees through all your layers and recognizes your good as well as your bad deeds. You believe He makes His decision because He knows you even better than you know yourself.

8. You live life for something or someone else:

   You don't live for yourself. You live for a cause, a family or some other reason that you've set for Allah's sake and for your afterlife. For that reason, when something unexpected comes your way, you know that it's not because of your ill intentions and this keeps you calm to know that it wasn't you, it was just a test.

9. You know life isn't fair:

 You know that life is naturally a roller coaster and that the truth is that it doesn't get better. This helps you accepts that ups and downs and deal with new situations better. This also helps you appreciate the good moments rather than expect life to be happy as default.