Friday, 6 June 2014

To the Special People in My Life

  Dearest friends,

     I will attempt to write this as raw as possible. No edits (except spelling of course) and no breaks.

     Oftentimes when we are lucky enough to have people in our lives who make us happy, we get comfortable and assume that this should be the default state of our interactions with others. But what we forget is that knowing great people and having them there for you is Allah's mercy and blessing. If life was to take another path for me, I may have ended up somewhere on another corner of the earth, where I found nothing in common with my surroundings and ended up lonely. But instead I was blessed to know people who have helped make me grow, who have inspired me and continue to and who don't expect me to be something I'm not. I want to take the time to thank them for making me feel worthy as a human, for supporting me in everything, and for never giving up on our friendship. Lately, I have received love I didn't think was possible, let me be frank. I have been invested in my friendships for Allah's sake and I didn't expect or think that one day, I would be shown anything in return. To get appreciated is beyond what I would expect from this life and it was very overwhelming to say the least.

  They asked me, why were you surprised? Why were you overwhelmed?

  Because I realized that they saw in me what I didn't see in myself. They saw someone who deserved to be shown appreciation and love and I didn't. All of their care was a wake up call for me. It proved to me that I can't underestimate myself and that great company in this life is a big blessing that can't be taken for granted. I don't think they know that when they leave, I make dua for them and cry of happiness. They don't know that when I am with them, I say alhamdoulillah a million times that I was privileged to be in their company. They don't know how they push me to be better by just being themselves. 

    I want to also say I'm sorry and please forgive me if I may have wronged or offended anyone. Love for the sake of Allah is strong and it knows no boundaries. Although I know that life has a strange way of making people part and move on, know that in my heart, I remember you in fondness and will always ask Allah that He lets us meet in the heavens. These days I run out of words and this is a testament to the complexity of human emotion. The rest that I can't make up in words, I will make up in dua. 

    May Allah gives us all that this world has to offer in success, happiness, and family. May He also guide us to the straight path while doing so and save us from Hellfire and let us meet and flaunt our friendship proudly in front of His creation on the day of judgement Ameen.

With my utmost love, respect and appreciation,

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