Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Clock

A dear sister writes:

The seconds steadily slip away, losing tiny, priceless gifts,
Like the days marked by the sun and the moon exchanging shifts.
"Please stop the time, we desperately need more,"
The clock doesn’t stop, but you’re hoping it’s hands are yours.
Rewind to that day the sun shone on your smile as a child,
Simplicity it was, sun and moon idly rotating as you ran wild,
Now your head sinks in the ocean of the changes you could make,
And your mind rests on the thought of how many risks you should take,
And like the ocean reflects the blood rays of sunset,
Your mind magnifies these thoughts, there’s simply no rest,
Life whispers to me, a spark, I’m amazed at the thought,
Like the burning rays of the sun chastising me, “You forgot,”
So shower me with my mistakes, and let me fall, let me be
A human, a sinner, for one day I hope to be free.

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