Thursday, 14 November 2013

Single Muslims Speak: Annoying Things Newly Engaged Couples Do

      Congratulations newly engaged friends!

      Contrary to what you may believe, we are genuinely happy to see you've found the one for you. That being said, you still get annoying. Here's some insight from the single folk on what they would like to say to you but never did.

      Single People Speak: Annoying Things Newly Engaged Couples Do:

1. Flooding their timeline with every pose imaginable- or borderline halal.

2. A picture with their hands on top of one another, displaying their rings.

3. Trying to hitch you. Cause they want you to feel the same way they do. They'll do it at their own wedding if they have to.

4. Flashing that ring and waiting for your face to be very excited.

5. Wearing matching shirts on Facebook. Same shirt, just different pictures.

6. They work out together. The world must know.

7. They wanna interfere with your love life or lacktherof.

8. Posting marriage and "half your deen" quotes on Facebook.

9. Giving you the "one day you'll find a great person" talk.

10. Hashtags #marriagelife or #engagedlife or #inlove .

11. Cropped and photoshopped images of their names together with pictures of roses and chocolates.

12. No more quality girlfriend/bro time.

13. Planning their wedding with you.

14. Facebook knew about your BF's engagement before you did.

15. Your congratulations is met with "hopefully for you too".

16. Quitting schooling to fly off into nowhereland.

17. Asking you for advice on their motherinlaw.

18. Being late for their own engagement.

19. The evil eye is suddenly everywhere.

20. Taking this list too seriously.


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