Wednesday, 29 May 2013

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Exclusive interview with Muslim women of diverse backgrounds and ages on marriage proposals. Comment below anonymously with questions you want directed to them. Hoping to bridge gaps inshallah and cover myths and misconceptions.


  1. what is the first thing that would let you consider a proposal? if he fits your image of your dream guy (attractiveness and personality traits wise)? if he's educated and has a well-paid job? religious and will know how to be a good father for your kids? what do you VALUE more out of all of these, and why?

    another question: would you take a guy with some characteristics that you don't like and be hoping that you'll change some of them or that he will eventually change?

  2. Salam :)

    how SHOULD a proposal go? I've heard stories of how badly marriage proposals end up. Either the mans family is too pushy or the girls. Should there be privacy between the two, should there be a third person?

    What is a respectable way to say "no"?

    What should you say if the two wanted to meet in private to sort out their interests and perceptions (ex. on life, future, family, career)?

    Thank you!

  3. When does one know that they have gotten to know the potential guy enough to decide to say yes?

  4. What was the most awkward proposal you experienced? And what are some ways to avoid awkwardness during this very embarrassing process - or is it inevitable and we should just be prepared?

  5. What are you supposed to do if a brother confronts YOU with a proposal and doesn't go through your parents/wali first? Isn't this a bad sign?


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