Wednesday, 10 June 2015

I Didn't Ask

I don't want your number
neither am I impressed
by your attempts to "help" me
at every opportunity
I didn't ask for it.
So don't message me later
expecting I follow up on your generous favors
and say thank you, for being such a gentleman

If I look lost,
don't take it as an invite to jump in
and try to guide me
using your baby talk
and repetitive phrases
I'm not a child
I didn't ask for this

I don't have to be super excited when I see you
because you held a door for me once or twice
and if I just happen to be
don't think it means
you got this one in the "bag."
Did it not occur to you
that I might just
have other things in my life
 to be excited about
and not you?

you are not entitled to invade my personal space
without checking with me first
that arm rest you did at the door
your pathetic try at looking like a man
respect my space, boy

And don't put me in the spotlight 
when I never asked for it, either

and don't' you dare
pay for me
we just met,
did you forget?

I will not let you speak over me
interrupt me
I think you've forgotten
I've got a sharp tongue, son
I'll embarrass you
and I won't hold back

It's enough
that us women must always walk on the right 
must always keep our arms close to our bodies
and our purses closer
walk in public expecting stares from strangers
sitting on sidewalks with their legs spread out
it's enough we got used to you
asking us how old we are
and if we're single
enough with your entitlement
it's enough .

Just let us be
don't tame us.

join us
leave us wild

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