Saturday, 9 November 2013

Captivating Sincerity


Where to begin describing her?

Haven't you heard?

 Sincerity leaves her subjects speechless.

Pure in form and element.


or reward

are not notions she understands.

Sincerity stands alone.

She leaves you captivated and in wonder.

Suddenly hope is familiar

and life has renewed meaning.

She has no hidden arrangement

and no foul intentions.

She poses like a secret charity

written solely in His books.

Sincerity leaves you alone with your thoughts

of awe and wonder

and you'll ask;

What are you Sincerity?

The only arrangement she has must be with Him, you think.

How I long to spend a moment exploring

 the mind of the sincere.

 I see Sincerity in you too.

And you often remind me of a tree;

strong roots

and endless branches;

bearing fruit in sacrifice 

to other forms of life.

Regardless of where your fruit end up,

rotting or immersed in the ground to form a new tree,

your roots

stay firm and idle;

connected to the soil that gave you life.

Have you seen the way a tree stands?

Have you noticed the way its branches look up to the sky?

Like arms in supplication and surrender;

 in full knowledge that no matter how high its branches will look down,

it will forever remain frozen in the position of submission to its creator

and me?

I am only left with 



and Allahu akbar.

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