Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Girl's Corner: 10 Easy Beauty Secrets That Actually Work

  I thought I should do a little something for my girls. I want to share with you the tips and products that actually make a difference, and that don't cost a fortune for a change. So, enjoy trying them out, let me know how they work out for you, and feel free to share your own. Follow the links for the products.

Here are 10 simple beauty secrets from me to you:

1) Baking soda + your favorite cleanser make the perfect scrub. Their texture is fine but coarse enough to clean deeply and get rid of those dead skin cells on your face. My favorite cleanser so far is L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Foaming Gel Cleanser.

2) Take it easy on the face washing. The oils that naturally form on your face work as a barrier for incoming bacteria and pathogens. If you need an acne fighting and antibacterial essential oil, try a dab of tea tree oil. And wash your face once or twice a day with a clear and sensitive cleanser.

3) Aloe vera gel is magic for the whole body. Apply some on the skin for instant relief from windburn and dry skin. Also, use it on damp hair, let it dry and comb it out for the shiniest hair you can ever have. Use on face before bed for some serious moisturizing. Make sure you buy a non-alcoholic formula that's a 100% aloe vera. My favorite is Fruit of The Earth.

4) Don't get tricked by advertisements for white teeth from your dentist. You can get the same results at home by purchasing a gel with hydrogen peroxide in it and using a plastic guard for 5-10 minutes a day for a week. You can maintain the whitening with an electric toothbrush (preferably an Oral-B brush) and whitening with the gel once every two weeks or as needed.

5) No to antiperspirants! Get a regular deodorant with natural salts. Don't clog your pores with harsh chemicals. There's also a cancer warning on them too. My favorite to use is Nivea Pure and Natural Deodorant. Although, it's not for everyone.

6) Use a hair pomade or an eyebrow gel to tame the brows. Brush them out with a clean old mascara wand.

7) Can't get those blackheads to open up? Use toothpaste on the trouble areas, remove and squeeze gently in a  pulling away motion.

8) Vaseline is your friend in the winter. Apply just enough to the cheeks, bridge of nose, lips and forhead for a highlighter effect. Apply some to the tear ducts of your eye and your eye lids too. It will save you from the wind burn.

9) Don't go without sunscreen! Find a formula that combines as a moisturizer, SPF protection and a sheer coverage (optional). If you are darker in color, purchase a low SPF and make sure it's oil free. My favorite is Clean and Clear's Finishes Pore Perfecting Moisturizer.

10) If you shower in hot water, save your hair from it! Wash your hair separately under cold water after using conditioner. It makes the biggest difference.

That's all for now! Let me know if these tips work for you.

Oh, and if you want to know how you can perfect inner beauty, read Top 10 Elements of a Beautiful Muslima.


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  1. Sister, Write up is good, however never show the brand names which ever that you use, gives a negative image as if you are promoting those items

    1. Sisters will want to know where to get them, though. I haven't promoted anything on my blog for anything in return and I don't plan on doing that in the future. Also, if you noticed, there are no ads on this blog because I don't plan on making money from this. I'm only trying to make purchasing them easier. Most products out there are really expensive and these aren't. Hope that's understandable. Jazak(i) Allah khair for reading.

  2. That aloe vera gel looks like the perfect one I've been looking for! Jazaki Allah khair!

  3. I liked all your secrets. they are very useful :)
    the most one is #4, I have been looking for that so long
    Thank you sister,



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