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Random Rants of a Muslima's Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2013


Happy New Year Everyone!

      I thought I could show my appreciation for my readers by revealing the Top 10 Most Read Articles on this blog.

     I realized from this list that the most read posts were the ones that focused on the topics not so readily talked about so I hope to continue along this route in sha Allah. I think it is far more beneficial for me and for everyone if I was to add to the blogging world new ideas and thoughts  rather than with cliches. I want to hear from you on your favorite posts and what you liked or didn't like the most about this blog.

     To be honest, when I started this blog I didn't anticipate anybody reading it. I figured, who'd want to hear anything from an anonymous sister? I just needed a place to dump my thoughts so I felt like they were important. But alhamdoulillah good intention goes a long way and Allah (swt) wanted you all to hear them and for that I'm grateful.

    I am thankful for all of you readers, for the fellow sisters who courageously submitted their entries and for all the benefit that came from this initiative. Alhamdoulillah.

     So, without further delay, here is the top 10 posts of 2013:

# 10:
This was one of my first posts. I wanted to write about very specific qualities that make a woman stand out. There was really nothing out there that explained beauty in the character of a Muslima in specific. I hope you've enjoyed reading it as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

# 9: 

A little risqué, I know. I was contemplating for quite some time whether I should do a post like this one. I postponed it until I couldn't handle hearing more stories of broken sister's hearts. So, with the help of a dear friend, we were able to put together our two cents on common gender relations issues. There's a part 2 as well.

# 8:

This one was long overdue. There was too much confusion and hate in the air. It was time to come back to the basics and to extract some inspiration and guidance from the Quran and Sunnah. These times are tough on all of us, but we mustn’t forget our mortality.

# 7:

This one was written by a dear sister whose thoughts were unfiltered and honest. Which I think is what ultimately helped the viewer relate. She was quite hesitant to share this, but with some encouragement, she ended up doing so and I'm thankful for that, cause it's a really great entry.


Another great entry by a dear sister who's been through quite a bit. Her story is inspiring and humbling to say the least.


If you've been following for quite some time, you might have noticed a recurring theme of the ego. That's because I think it's one of these hidden things that we tend to assume others have a problem with and we don't. I wanted to shed light on the signs that one might have to recheck their ego. I might have used too many yous there though.

#  4:

 This post was inspired by personal experience. There was too much going wrong with the Muslim community in the professional sphere. I thought it was time to address the frustrating issues we face when we try to work with each other. I thought maybe if people knew that these issues exist, they would be more wary of the way they interact with each other. If the article sounds like it was written in anger, that’s because it was; a legitimate rant.

# 3:

I got inspired after witnessing many adults express openly how bad they were with kids and after seeing some of their failed and embarrassing attempts at befriending them. Our children are a silenced majority that need our attention. This was for them

# 2:

For this entry, I thought it was about time that we addressed racism from within. We tend to talk a lot about externalized racism but we’ve forgotten that as an ummah, we need to collectively work within before we can expect anyone else to do so. I collected statements heard from many colleagues and acquaintances and complied them into a list.


And finally, to my favorite article of all time. The term “love for the sake of Allah” was starting to become common and I wondered how many of us really knew what it meant. So I derived the basis of this entry from the Sunnah and Quran and came up with a list of what I thought was love for Allah’s sake.

Thanks again for your constant support and reading. Feel free to post a comment below or share this with your friends.

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