Friday, 24 January 2014

Impossible Closure

They wronged me.
I am not worth love.
My future is in ruins.

How could they?
My blood boils.
My anger is brewing.

You'll never understand,
and you might never know
the pain of sewing back
those open wounds.

How long must
I endure
and wait
for a final cure?

But a question begs itself.

Why have I given 
much of myself
in the name 
of hope?

Who will mend 
the scarred soul
of one who has
given up?

But just like a broken door
or a floppy shoe,
the fix lies with it's creator.

My heart calls for Him.

I  now hand over 
all of my sorrows,
my regrets,
and my guilt;
asking for one thing in return;


and endless love

Oh God, please forgive me.

Forgive me for ever believing closure
was my right.
Forgive me for seeking what I do not own.

I accept all that has befallen me
and to it I say, "thank you."
For somehow finding a way
to guide my soul back to you


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