Sunday, 9 February 2014

I Like Your Energy

You are mesmerizing.
Something in the air 
of your presence
calls attention from me
I've given no other.

I await patiently and on edge
like an eager explorer
hiking to the top of a mountain
on a chilly night
to catch the breathtaking moment
of the wake of dawn
when your face appears.

And when you smile,
the sun peeks
and he who ached for your comfort
forgets the burn of the journey.

The rest of your encounter
propagates soul and spirit.
Leaves me warm 
enough to feel as though
life in all its wonder
has come to a blissful end.

What I feel is not
only what lovers do.
But friends
and strangers
feel the same way about you too.

So, I just wanted to say that
I like your energy.

I hope that just like the blazing sun
you continue to beam 
the most mesmerizing of rays 
regardless of the life 

I wish for your beautiful existence
to keep rippling onto others 
with its love
like the one 
that is infinite
in silent water.


What do you think?